Super Spud Knockout: White vs Sweet


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There is always a debate about which spud reigns supreme. Some argue that the white potatoe is better , others fight for the sweet potatoe. Question is do we really know which one is better and why? I recently came across an article on the Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic which outlines the nutritional benefits of each. It was a very informative article which I will outline below and also attach a link to the article on the Health Hub.

Nutritional Breakdown

According to the Health Hub both spuds are an excellent source of fibre. Fibre can help prevent colorectal cancer and alleviate digestive issues. Another added bonus is that fibre fills you up so you won’t be picking between meals. The skin on the spud packed with nutrients and insoluble fibre and this provides roughage which will prevent constipation.

Based on the evidence provided by the Health Hub we can see the nutritional breakdown below of each spud. The white potatoe on the left and the sweet potatoe on the right. For the purpose of this knockout the potatoes were baked with skin on and no butters/oils were used.

 White vs Sweetbreakdown


Benefits of Vitamins & Minerals



Calorie Breakdown

White vs Sweet



Based on the evidence provided the sweet potatoe reigns champion, however, both spuds provide beneficial micronutrients in the diet. A sweet potatoe will provide you with more vitamin A and C. It has less calories, more fibre and overall lower total carbohydrates even though its sugar content is higher than white. In saying that it is important to eat a wide variety of foods in your diet and choose colour vegetables. Sometimes a white potatoe may be more suitable to a recipe or economical. Frying foods will reduce nutritional content, therefore, steaming and baking is a great way to retain valuable nutrients.

For more information click Health Hub Cleveland Clinic

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