Are you ready for the ultimate fitness adventure?

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Are you ready for the ultimate fitness adventure?

This New Year why not try a different approach to becoming the new healthy you.  Forget fad diets and New Year resolutions that last about two weeks. Take control of your health and think outside the box. Treat yourself to the ultimate fitness experience. The Travel Fitness Company offers fitness adventures in exotic locations like Mexico, Australia or Senegal. It offers exclusive, unique fitness travel experiences; it provides you with the chance to have fun whilst achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

The vacation package consists of four weeks of personal training before departure, three individualized sessions upon return. Each session is designed to help integrate your new health routine and follow your progress. This is not just a one week holiday; it is four to six-week fitness programme that will kick-start your fitness drive. A week-long Bush training trip to Senegal includes circuit training on the beach, kayaking, running and dance lessons to the sound of drums. During your adventure you will learn how to prepare nutritious healthy meals that will educate you to continue on the successful path to a healthier, fitter individual.

Rob Tynan CEO of The Travel Fitness Company states “I wanted to create something that fulfilled a promise rather than to develop a tour around a location,” he said. “I wanted to provide journeys in the deepest sense. To work towards successful fitness in life while seeing some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world.”

Test yourself, get fitter and challenge your body. You cannot put a price on feeling good.

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