Loco about Coconut

Loco about Coconuts

This recipe was inspired by “I Quit Sugar”, by Sarah Wilson. If, like me, you adore coconut you will relish the taste of this homemade coconut butter. This recipe is dairy, sugar and gluten-free.  It tastes incredible and has a lovely rich creamy texture; I would really recommend trying it out. I made my own but you can purchase in any health food store. Leafy Green Café sells their brand in Fruits & Roots Store in Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Homemade Coconut Butter

1 bag of Unsweetened Desiccated Coconut


Add the bag of desiccated coconut to the blender. Blend until it has a creamy paste consistency. This may take some time but really worth the wait. I don’t have an food processor. I blended it over half an hour until it turned creamy. I stored in a glass jar in the fridge. If you like it soft leave it out of the fridge.

Serving Suggestions

I added a teaspoon of coconut butter to kefir, fresh kiwis and sprinkled it with raw cocoa nibs. You can use the coconut butter on toast, scones or almond meal pancakes. Try adding a teaspoon to a protein shake to boost your healthy fat intake and increase flavor content.  Add ½ teaspoon carob powder, 2 drops stevia and 1 tablespoon coconut butter to make a chocolate coconut spread.

Eat Real, Great Feel!

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